Sunday, 10 February 2013

long time no see

I have been pretty lame and keep forgetting to write up a new post on here. After a busy year I am trying to find the time to post more blogs.

I have got to do some really cool pieces recently and its nice to be able to do so much of my own stuff so early on in my tattooing career.

Here are a couple of pieces i have done recently that i loved doing and want to do more stuff like this

I also now have an Instagram which is so easy to post bits on so i tend to use that a lot. If your on there why not follow me just search tashpollendine.

I am working plenty of conventions this year to and cant wait for them to begin as i enjoyed working them all so much. I will post up soon the dates and shows i am going to be working :)

Dont forget if you would like any work by me or have ideas for a tattoo you can always message me at :)

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