Sunday, 10 February 2013

long time no see

I have been pretty lame and keep forgetting to write up a new post on here. After a busy year I am trying to find the time to post more blogs.

I have got to do some really cool pieces recently and its nice to be able to do so much of my own stuff so early on in my tattooing career.

Here are a couple of pieces i have done recently that i loved doing and want to do more stuff like this

I also now have an Instagram which is so easy to post bits on so i tend to use that a lot. If your on there why not follow me just search tashpollendine.

I am working plenty of conventions this year to and cant wait for them to begin as i enjoyed working them all so much. I will post up soon the dates and shows i am going to be working :)

Dont forget if you would like any work by me or have ideas for a tattoo you can always message me at :)

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Sketchbook now for sale

My sketchbook is now available. You can either grab one from the shop or email me at for shipping.
Sketchbook costs £20

Tasha xx

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Sketchbook now available

So at last my first sketchbook is now available. I shall have some on me at the weekend Tattoo Tea Party in Manchester : ) They are £20 each.

Here are a few snippets from the book.

If you would like to buy one from me just email to find out about shipping

Tasha xx
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Monday, 27 February 2012

It's been a while

Its been far too long since i have posted up on here so i am trying to get back into it again.
here are some pieces i have done since i last posted.

i really liked doing all these pieces.
there will be lots more to see in the next few days on here : )

tasha x

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Sketch book coming in the spring.............

So like the title says finger crossed i will have a sketch book printed for the spring. I hope to have it ready for the newport tattoo convention with my prints for sale, they will also be available from the shop. Just gotta keep saving to get it printed : ) I still have a couple of more pages to get done but I thought I would post up a couple of the pages.

I haven't got a lot to write about this week. I have started the bird and birdcage design last saturday. I only outlined the bird, but he is book in for a four hour sitting in feb to colour the bird and outline the birdcage. I really love this design so i can't wait to get it finished and post some pics up for all to see.

I also tattooed the anchor design a couple of weeks ago. 

I have a couple of upcoming designs which i can't wait to do. I am a mega big fan of owls and I am currently waiting for the guy to get back to me to let me know if he likes what i have done for him. Still needs some tweeking but only little things that wont take me long. If we go ahead with the design fingers crossed we will go with colour.

I am also tattooing this ship in feb. Its going on the back of a calf and fingers crossed the start of a leg sleeve.

Like I said not too much to report this week but i am sure i will have more to say soon :)

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

I done some poos I done some poos I didn't mean to...........

ok so now I have your attention I can begin............

So its the second week back in the shop after xmas and things seem to be going well. I have had lots of interest from people wanting to get tattooed by me on saturdays which is really encouraging and I am really enjoying myself. It's nice to let someone else have the fun of being the desk monkey and everyone that has come in so far have been mega nice.

Last saturday I tattooed one of my own designs on a customer which was cool. It was only simple design but still fun to do and its nice to start and finish something in one day. Not the best photo. I really need to get myself a little camera to keep in my draw at work to take photos rather then using my iphone.

I am also going to tattoo the same guys feet in a few weeks. He wanted a birdcage and bird two things I have never had to draw before but I really enjoyed doing them. I love them and if I didn't have anything on my feet I think I would have kept them for myself. :) He is in in a couple of weeks to get them started and they are going to be colour. I'm not a fan of feet either so I am going to have to man up and get over my phobia to do this one.

I have also tattooed a small flower design which once again was nice to do because I was able to start and finish it in one sitting as I have quite a few large pieces that are unfinished. It was her first tattoo and although I was told on that day she would never have any more I have heard differently since :)

I have another flower piece I am doing which is huge compared to the last one and has been taking me quite a while to do. This isn't the most recent photo of it as since these photos were taken I have coloured all of the flowers, leaves and started the water to. She has sat so well every time and has been really patient with me while I have battled through this piece. I can't wait for this piece to be finished and once it is photos will be posted.

This is the drawing I done for her before we started. Neither of us realised how big it was really going to be until the stencil was on but I think it works really well.

Another piece I have started is an owl on one of the guys that comes into the shop. I have a mega soft spot for owls and was mega chuffed he wanted the design. I did draw it up for someone else but they changed their mind and had another one of my drawings. Sadly he hasn't been able to make it in to have anymore done so I have only done the outline so far but hopefully I will see him soon to get some more done.

This is the finished design I am working from. Love owls :)

When I was sorting out my blog I found these photos on my phone. I have tattooed the doll on my bf but he isn't the easiest person to pin down to get a photo. The owl is on my leg. I am tattooing it myself and it is still not finished. Mainly because I am a pussy and don't like the pain :( 

 So off to do a bit more drawing and looking forward to this saturday as I am tattooing the anchor design that was in my last blog.


Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Hey you guys............

 Ok so here it goes. This is my first ever blog so be gentle with me. I currently work at Physical Graffiti as their well trained desk monkey and have also been lucky enough to be taken on as their apprentice.
I'm hoping to use this blog as a way to meet other artist,  keep you updated on the work I am doing, posting pics of my artwork and trying to get my foot in the door. Hopefully I will be updating my blog every couple of weeks with lots of new news and pics :)

so lets go

First off I have been drawing up some Japanese themed panels which once finished I will be selling prints. I completed one as an Xmas present and liked the style so decided to carry on with the theme.

These two pics are from the piece I completed for Xmas. I have decided to go with another koi themed panel but also one with a dragon and another with just flowers and water. They are all just sketches at the moment but in the next week or so I shall be completing them ready for print. I have a bit of a soft spot for anything Japanese so I have really enjoyed drawing these up and I hope to do more Japanese work in the future.

 I have also been busy drawing up some small designs for customers which i have got coming in on Saturdays. Below are some of my favourites which need a bit more tweaking but I am mega looking forward to doing hopefully in the next few weeks.

So for the time being I shall leave it at this. I hope to have more photos and news for my next blog.