Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Hey you guys............

 Ok so here it goes. This is my first ever blog so be gentle with me. I currently work at Physical Graffiti as their well trained desk monkey and have also been lucky enough to be taken on as their apprentice.
I'm hoping to use this blog as a way to meet other artist,  keep you updated on the work I am doing, posting pics of my artwork and trying to get my foot in the door. Hopefully I will be updating my blog every couple of weeks with lots of new news and pics :)

so lets go

First off I have been drawing up some Japanese themed panels which once finished I will be selling prints. I completed one as an Xmas present and liked the style so decided to carry on with the theme.

These two pics are from the piece I completed for Xmas. I have decided to go with another koi themed panel but also one with a dragon and another with just flowers and water. They are all just sketches at the moment but in the next week or so I shall be completing them ready for print. I have a bit of a soft spot for anything Japanese so I have really enjoyed drawing these up and I hope to do more Japanese work in the future.

 I have also been busy drawing up some small designs for customers which i have got coming in on Saturdays. Below are some of my favourites which need a bit more tweaking but I am mega looking forward to doing hopefully in the next few weeks.

So for the time being I shall leave it at this. I hope to have more photos and news for my next blog.

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