Tuesday, 11 January 2011

I done some poos I done some poos I didn't mean to...........

ok so now I have your attention I can begin............

So its the second week back in the shop after xmas and things seem to be going well. I have had lots of interest from people wanting to get tattooed by me on saturdays which is really encouraging and I am really enjoying myself. It's nice to let someone else have the fun of being the desk monkey and everyone that has come in so far have been mega nice.

Last saturday I tattooed one of my own designs on a customer which was cool. It was only simple design but still fun to do and its nice to start and finish something in one day. Not the best photo. I really need to get myself a little camera to keep in my draw at work to take photos rather then using my iphone.

I am also going to tattoo the same guys feet in a few weeks. He wanted a birdcage and bird two things I have never had to draw before but I really enjoyed doing them. I love them and if I didn't have anything on my feet I think I would have kept them for myself. :) He is in in a couple of weeks to get them started and they are going to be colour. I'm not a fan of feet either so I am going to have to man up and get over my phobia to do this one.

I have also tattooed a small flower design which once again was nice to do because I was able to start and finish it in one sitting as I have quite a few large pieces that are unfinished. It was her first tattoo and although I was told on that day she would never have any more I have heard differently since :)

I have another flower piece I am doing which is huge compared to the last one and has been taking me quite a while to do. This isn't the most recent photo of it as since these photos were taken I have coloured all of the flowers, leaves and started the water to. She has sat so well every time and has been really patient with me while I have battled through this piece. I can't wait for this piece to be finished and once it is photos will be posted.

This is the drawing I done for her before we started. Neither of us realised how big it was really going to be until the stencil was on but I think it works really well.

Another piece I have started is an owl on one of the guys that comes into the shop. I have a mega soft spot for owls and was mega chuffed he wanted the design. I did draw it up for someone else but they changed their mind and had another one of my drawings. Sadly he hasn't been able to make it in to have anymore done so I have only done the outline so far but hopefully I will see him soon to get some more done.

This is the finished design I am working from. Love owls :)

When I was sorting out my blog I found these photos on my phone. I have tattooed the doll on my bf but he isn't the easiest person to pin down to get a photo. The owl is on my leg. I am tattooing it myself and it is still not finished. Mainly because I am a pussy and don't like the pain :( 

 So off to do a bit more drawing and looking forward to this saturday as I am tattooing the anchor design that was in my last blog.


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  1. Love the Bird Cage picture you have drawn. I found you blog by googling bird cage tattoos. I am thinking about getting a tattoo to remember my grandma and mother in law as they have recently passed away from cancer. That picture is beautiful!