Thursday, 27 January 2011

Sketch book coming in the spring.............

So like the title says finger crossed i will have a sketch book printed for the spring. I hope to have it ready for the newport tattoo convention with my prints for sale, they will also be available from the shop. Just gotta keep saving to get it printed : ) I still have a couple of more pages to get done but I thought I would post up a couple of the pages.

I haven't got a lot to write about this week. I have started the bird and birdcage design last saturday. I only outlined the bird, but he is book in for a four hour sitting in feb to colour the bird and outline the birdcage. I really love this design so i can't wait to get it finished and post some pics up for all to see.

I also tattooed the anchor design a couple of weeks ago. 

I have a couple of upcoming designs which i can't wait to do. I am a mega big fan of owls and I am currently waiting for the guy to get back to me to let me know if he likes what i have done for him. Still needs some tweeking but only little things that wont take me long. If we go ahead with the design fingers crossed we will go with colour.

I am also tattooing this ship in feb. Its going on the back of a calf and fingers crossed the start of a leg sleeve.

Like I said not too much to report this week but i am sure i will have more to say soon :)

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